West Virginia Division of Highways Revises Contractor Prequalification Application

The WVDOH is revising its Contractor Prequalification Application as of January 1, 2022. If you were prequalified in 2021, you should have received a letter identifying the items/categories of work you were qualified to perform from the WVDOH. Your 2021 pre-qual will be effective for 2 years and then you will need to complete the renewal application in late 2023.  Gone is the requirement to submit an audited or reviewed financial statement or any financial information. But new is the 2-year timing – so it is no longer an annual process.

The new Contractor Prequalification Application can be found at the link attached here Revised Prequalification (wv.gov). It still requires information on your business, personnel, and categories of work you want to perform. The rest of the application is 28 questions that the WVDOH will use to evaluate your company. These Performance Factors and Project Evaluations ratings will then determine your scores. The running three-year average of past project Factors and Evaluations scores will be taken to calculate a contractor’s Performance Rating. Based on the Performance Rating, a contractor will be placed into one of five categories and these will determine the amount of bonding required on a job.  It will also determine if you are placed on a probationary period or barred from bidding for two years. These grades will be assigned to contractors on January 1, 2023, based on projects completed in 2022. All contractors will remain an “N” until that date.

Contractors whose prequalification had expired or a contractor who had not submitted an application because of the required financial statement component can now submit an Contractor Prequalification Application. The application has to be submitted 15 days prior to bidding on a project. Also, subcontractors now have to be prequalified before they start work on any job let by the WVDOH.

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