We don’t point out problems
- we find solutions

Expert service
uniquely tailored to you

We’re driven by
our relationships

We don’t point out problems - we find solutions

Expert service uniquely tailored to you

We’re driven by our relationships

Our value comes from our people

Suttle & Stalnaker thrives on the depth of our industry specialists, the value we provide, and our high level of personal attention. We define our success through the relationships we build and the goals our clients achieve.

Service, advice, and expertise to fit your needs

Tax Services

Tax laws are constantly changing. What do these changes mean for you? Through careful preparation and planning, we maximize opportunities and mitigate risk, while providing year-round advice and peace of mind that your financial reports are taken care of.
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Audit & Review Services

An audit or review is a powerful tool in your arsenal. The process alone can be equally as beneficial as we observe, listen and provide recommendations for your organization’s continued improvement - giving you a strategic advantage.
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Client Accounting & Advisory Services

An accurate and timely picture of your financial landscape is crucial to making sound business decisions. Our full-time team of accounting professionals lets you focus on what you do best while providing strategic insights into your financials.
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Consulting Services

The collaborative relationship we create with our clients allows us to learn about their business from all angles and provide insightful recommendations. We draw on years of knowledge and expertise to offer best practices and proactively bring ideas to you.
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The core industries we serve

Focused teams that live and breathe the industry

Auto Dealerships
Energy and Natural Resources
Financial Institutions
Non-Profit Organizations


Six tax issues to consider if you’re getting divorced

Divorce entails difficult personal issues, and taxes are probably the farthest thing from your mind. However, several tax concerns may need to be addressed to ensure that taxes are kept to a minimum and that important tax-related decisions are properly made. Here are six issues to be aware of if you’re in the process of…

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Maximizing Tax Savings Through Effective Estate Planning

By: Layne Blasingim, CPA Estate planning isn’t just about figuring out who receives your assets when you pass; it’s also a strategic approach to minimize possible tax liabilities. With careful planning, individuals can ensure that their hard-earned wealth goes to their intended heirs rather than paid out in taxes.  Savvy estate planning can use a…

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Using Per Diem for Your Employees

By: Chris Lambert, CPA, CGMA, CCIFP You may have heard of other contractors offering Per Diems – or you may get asked by your employees if you offer Per Diems.  They are an easy way to reimburse employees for costs incurred with business travel, but what exactly is a Per Diem? Per diem derives from…

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