Are Essential Parts of Your Business Being Neglected? Consider Outsourcing

By: Steve Morgan CPA, MBA

Whether you own a small business or lead a larger organization, understanding accounting and financial position can be confusing. Most businesses and organizations often have the appropriate staffing to deal with the complexities of specialty operations; however, critical tasks such as budgeting, resource planning, financial management, and long-term strategic financial management are many times neglected.


These strategic activities often associated with a finance executive are considered an expensive luxury for some organizations. The focus is on what needs to be done today (short-term) at the expense of tomorrow (long-term). However, to ensure continued success and greater growth, strategic and financial planning provided through strong financial leadership is essential.


Suttle & Stalnaker’s Client Accounting and Advising team provides businesses and organizations with the structure needed to help address the key factors that will create short-term success and long-term sustainability. The Suttle team can implement a Virtual CFO and Controller positions at a fraction of the cost needed to administer those roles in-house. Businesses need reliable financial information to understand, interpret, and inform to enhance business strategy and growth.


Suttle & Stalnaker can also provide human resource consulting and full-bookkeeping services as an added benefit. A fully-integrated solution would provide a CFO, Controller, Bookkeeper(s), and a Human Resource Consultant. These positions would function as a cohesive team and unit in the following capacities:


• CFO – chief strategic and visionary financial advisor
• Controller – overall focus on compliance and reporting
• Bookkeeper(s) – day-to-day accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, etc.
• Human Resource Consultant – focus on compliance and overall guidance for personnel.


Our team wants to get to know your business and its objectives and related needs so we can propose solutions. Whether you need a CFO, Controller, Bookkeeper(s), Human Resource Consultant, or a combination of these positions, the team at Suttle & Stalnaker is leveraged to help you meet and exceed the goals and objectives of your organization. If you want more information, contact your Suttle and Stalnaker representative or Steve Morgan in our CAAS department.