6 Benefits of Human Resources Outsourcing

Written by: Drema Foster, PAFM

Are the human resource functions of your business taking up too much of your time? You’re not alone. On average, small businesses can spend up to an entire day every week or more dealing with HR tasks. With resources draining, it can be challenging to grow your business successfully. However, outsourcing HR is a solution that can help. Discover the advantages of outsourcing and start boosting your company’s productivity and success today.

What is HR outsourcing? 

Human resources (HR) outsourcing allows the business owner to transfer some or all human resource functions to an external provider, like Suttle and Stalnaker.

Why would I want to outsource my HR functions?

Outsourcing HR functions allows business owners to focus on their core competencies while delegating non-core activities to a provider with expertise in this area. Suttle has a team of HR professionals with master’s degrees who can provide services ranging from one-time project work to a fully outsourced HR department.

What are Some Key Benefits of Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)?

  1. Cost Savings: Some companies may not have the resources to hire a full-time, experienced HR professional, but outsourcing HR functions can be cost-effective. Suttle’s HR outsourcing can typically provide services at a lower cost, saving companies money that they can invest in other areas of their business.
  2. Expertise: Companies may not have the experience or knowledge to manage HR functions, especially if they do not have an in-house HR team. Suttle’s HR outsourcing team consists of experts who specialize in HR functions and can provide a high level of service to your business. Our team of experts has years of experience in the field, meaning companies can access the latest HR trends, tools, and techniques without investing in internal employee training.
  3. Compliance: HR compliance is a complex and ever-changing landscape that can be challenging for companies to keep up with. HRO providers have the expertise and knowledge to ensure companies comply with federal and state laws and regulations.
  4. Focus on Core Business: Most companies have limited resources and must focus on their core business activities to grow and succeed. Outsourcing HR functions allows you to focus on the core competencies while leaving the HR functions to a team of specialists.
  5. Flexibility: Smaller companies often experience fluctuations in their staffing needs due to changes in the market or business conditions. Our HR outsourcing team can quickly adjust our services to meet your company’s changing needs. Scalability: HRO providers can quickly scale HR services up or down based on a company’s needs. This flexibility allows companies to adapt to changing business conditions and market demand.
  6. Access to Technology: Suttle’s HR outsourcing team has access to Technology and software that some companies may not have the resources to invest in. This can help smaller companies streamline HR functions and improve efficiency.

Outsourcing HR functions can provide your business with the expertise and resources needed to manage your workforce effectively while allowing you the time to focus on your core business activities. Companies can focus on their core business activities by outsourcing non-core HR functions. This will enable them to devote more time and resources to their primary revenue-generating activities.

Did you know?

By providing HR outsourcing, Suttle and Stalnaker can help your business with your Human Resource (HR) related needs. If you would like to speak to someone about HR outsourcing, please contact Drema Foster by email at dfoster@suttlecpas.com or by phone at 304-343-4126.